Ajio: Top 5 Trendy Slip-On Shoes From QUPID

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In today’s blog post we have featured the top 5 trendy slip-on shoes from the international BRAND Qupid that you can buy directly from AJIO. So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the possessions, shall we?

1. Floral Print Embellished Slip-On Shoes


These pretty-pretty beauties are emblazoned with a summary of floral print and then adorned with embellishments on it. So, this pair of slip-on shoes is for those who want to add a serene and voguish touch to their overall ensemble.

2. Slip-Ons with Fur Accent



It can be really hard to resist falling in love especially when you find the right pair to match with your feet! The brand Qupid from California is Hollywood’s favorite footwear brand which is really loved by celebrities, models and fashionistas. And this fur ball right here is GOALS.

3. Slip-On Casual Shoes with Embellishments


Like the other gorgeous pair of shoes, this one too is accentuated with embellishments and is basically designed with elasticated gussets. Along with that, it also has a bumper sole to make you feel ready for a trendy casual walk around the town.

4. Ruffled Slip-On Flat Sandals



If you are someone who doesn’t like ruffles then there is something wrong with you. These slip-on shoes are highlighted by ruffled panels that are also adorned with a floral print. This classy pair of flat sandals is here to elevate the fashion trends tremendously.

5. Faux-Fur Flat Sliders (Kinda Slip-Ons)



The flat sandal range of Qupid is equally tempting to resist. These are crafted to go with relaxed chic looks and features styles like typographic printed sliders, basket weave peep-toes, embroidered ballerinas and so much more. A perfect combination of comfort with style!

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Here, is the Official Website of QUPID – LINK

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