Lulu & Sky: Top 5 Bold and Quirky Sunglasses [For Women]

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In today’s blog post we have featured the top 5 quirky and bold sunglasses from a currently trending BRAND Lulu & Sky that you can buy directly from their official online store. So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the funky stuff, shall we?

1. Square Is My Mind Yellow Square Sunglasses


This style is meant to work really well and it’s got a super cool allure (thanks to its angular details of this beauty). So, grab them for a festival, a car journey, or any other short adventure that you’re embarking on this season. What do you think about these tinted lenses and curved bridge detailing?

2. Big Eyes Pink Cat-Eye Sunglasses



To me, these sunglasses look like they come with a freaking crown of their own. And in case you want to stand apart from the crowd of cat-eye folks, just go for a mixed version like this trendy pair. This frame is perfect for people with a bold personality that are ready to take on center stage and make you look absolutely stunning.

3. Smartness Overdose Black Retro Sunglasses



Speaking of aesthetically pleasing, these pair of women sunglasses are surely a stunner but only if you are styling with a great style. Starting from that curvy punch packed temples to the tinted lenses of these shades, your casual look is craving for an offbeat fashion dose just like these beauties, right here!

4. Don’t Be Shy Square Blue Cat-Eye Sunglasses



The gorgeous avant-garde design makes this pair a perfect pick to accessorize your closet a notch up. By getting yourself this new and outstanding semi-rimmed finely detailed square sunnies which will instantly elevate your fashion game from zero to hero or heroin. I recommend to try them out myself!

5. I See The Future Yellow Visor Sunglasses



These shades got reflective gradient lenses, silicone nose pads, bold texture and color so what else you need folks. Time to make a talking point with this futuristic piece in the form of sunglasses. And of course full marks to that unconventionally androgynous frame that still looks chic.

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Here, is the Official Website of Lulu & Sky – LINK

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