Top 5 OVER-Budget Crop Tops

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In today’s blog post we have featured the top 5 OVER-budget (kinda!) from the bold BRAND NikkiLipstick that you can buy directly from their official online store. So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the shawties, shall we?

1. Brat Black Crop Top


This black beauty right here is priced at $32 and comes in just one size only. But don’t you worry there are more colors available like pink and blue. So, if you like you are a BRAT then go ahead and dress up like one.

2. Cramps Crop Top


Now, that’s some girl power right there but this extra power might cost you some extra bucks because it comes with a price tag of $38.

3. Sad Playboy Tank


Again with a price tag of 32 bucks, you can grab this little sad playboy bunny in the color white and here’s the good news, it’s in stock (like right now!).

4. Anarchy Glitter Holo Top


Adding a little bit of holo and glitter in the mix can surely hike the price up. Well, now this holo-baby costs just a little less than 50 bucks but don’t worry there’s one more color available in it. Can you guess the color? It’s BLACK.

5. Nightmare B4 XMAS Tube Top


Okay, let’s ask you guys a question! How much are you willing for this tube top, right here? And please be honest because this thing costs a total of $42 and there’s only one size.

Hope you guys like this article on somewhat pricey from the brand Nikki Lipstick from their official online website. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button to get more such amazing articles featuring international brands in India.

Here, is the Official Website of NikkiLipstick – LINK

Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!

P.s. – COMMENT down your favorite crop tops number!

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