Best 4 Miniso Perfumes Available Online In India

Hey there fellas! How was your VALENTINE’S DAY? Was it romantic or kinda boring? Well, if it wasn’t a TREAT then don’t you worry boo ’cause there’s another one (wink!). But enough of that talk…Now let’s talk about MINISO, a brand that you guys can’t seem to get enough of and this includes me as well.

Previously on StuffToTalk, I covered the best 5 miniso bags that I think are great and also in BUDGET. So now I decided to cover the FRAGRANCE department of this Japanese DESIGNER brand.

Also, if you have NEVER been to a Miniso store before then my ADVICE would be that you should definitely NEED to. And, if you are someone who is a keen observer of beauty, cosmetics, and skincare products from the brand Miniso then here are some detailed reviews that might be of INTEREST to you:

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  4. Smell Fresh ALL DAY with Miniso’s Tropical Fruit Deodorant Roll-On [Review]
  5. Reviewing: 1+1 Hydro Makeup Base by MINISO [A Perfect Primer?]

Now, if you are still here with me by any chance then let’s have a look at the best four Miniso perfumes available online in India that I think are worth mentioning:

1. Tenderness Perfume – INR 230


2. Royal Lady Perfume – INR 590


3. Blooming Bouquet Perfume (Rose) – INR 590


4. Blooming Bouquet Perfume (Green Tea) – INR 590


The things I LOVE the most about MINISO perfumes is that they are affordable perfumes with long-lasting fragrance and super CUTE packaging. And here are some tips just for you, apply perfume in the wrist, neck, ears, and inside elbow area for the desired AROMA effect.

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Thank You So Much For Reading Everyone!!!

P.s. – Let me know in the COMMENT section down below which perfume from Miniso is your favorite.


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