Rihanna X Puma Fenty FUR slides [Haul Item #2]

Hello there Fashionista! Hope you all are having a FABULOUS time during this romantic as hell time of the year. I promised you guys to share my HUGE haul of products that are LUXURIOUS & Affordable at the same time. One of the detailed product reviews has already been posted last month by me that was Mini Louis Vuitton Backpack. And today it’s FENTY that we are talking about. 😉

Product Info


So, this is how the slides were packed..the item was secure and there was no sign tear or anything. These fur slides are second product from my Club Factory Haul and there are many more products to come next. Fenty is the brand established by the Singer and Songwriter RIHANNA. These fur babies are from the range that was a result from the Fenty X Puma collaboration. I have been wanted them since the day they were revealed in the teaser collab advertisement.


But in India, they were quite hard to find so I thought I need to find a dupe for these high-end slides and I FOUND IT! Over the internet, it’s not hard to find fur slides but it is HARD to find the ones with branding written over it. So when I saw these Fenty beauties the next thing I know is they were in my kart in the size 7(UK).


(If you want me to go in-depth with what exactly CLUB FACTORY is? Just leave a comment and I will provide everything you need to know.) Although, I am pretty sure you guys would already know that…Check out these images and let me know of my Photography Skills. Just Kidding Fam, I ordered the pair in color Grey the other options were Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, and Red.


After placing the order I wanted to check the color options again, you know just to be sure. You know what I saw OUT OF STOCK displaying over these furry babies and I was like damn that was close. I could have missed them but I didn’t and the quality is so GREAT. To me, it seems like I ordered a genuine Fenty product minus the brand box. But who needs a box anyway, according to me it’s a Highly Recommended product.

P.s. – EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE ONE OF THESE FUR SLIDES (At least in one color!). Will I buy it again Hell Yeah I will for sure and it just cost me $14(USD). 


Supreme T-shirt VS Supreme T-shirt

Hello to all people who love HIGH-END brands so damn much that they go in depth to know about the originality of the items. This includes comparing the details of the real luxury product to the fake ones. Previously, I have compared designer brands like Gucci, Prada, LV in my Fake VS Real editions. And today we will be comparing an apparel item from the well-known high-end brand SUPREME.

Product Info


As you can see in the above image both the clothing items are kept side by side. These items are Supreme Graphic T-shirts in the color green and black. The Green Tee is the original Supreme product and the black t-shirt is a replica. Now it’s time to look into the detailing of these two products.


The tag is one of those parts from where you can point out the basic differences. As in this one, the Tag placement is not centered and the logo red shade is not matching with the original red shade. Remember high-end brands makes sure that tags are proper and bold as they present the genuine product.


The threads are poking out on the fake Supreme t-shirt and the font color varies too. The most visible difference is the missing ‘RN#101837’ part in the black tee. It’s all about the quality when it comes to branded products.


The other major hint that giveaway the difference is the graphic image itself. Looking at the above image one can easily tell that which one is nicer in quality and looks. The faded colors of the fake apparel items are hard to miss out.

I hope this blog post somewhat helps you in future if you are having trouble in identifying the original brand. I regularly post FAKE vs REAL articles featuring various Designer Brands so stay tuned and hit that FOLLOW button.

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#YEEZYSEASON6 Leaked Shots

*Attention Reader* This post contains leaked pictures several clones of Kim Kardashian.

Let me present you the all-new YEEZY Season 6 apparel! Singer ‘Kanye West’ has recruited many big names from the fashion industry for his sixth sason of the brand ‘Yeezy’. These names include many gorgeous Top Instagram Models some of them being – Shannon Twins, Sami Miro, Jordyn Woods and many more celebrities like Paris Hilton.


Twitter and Instagram were flooded with these gorgeous women posing for the paparazzi styled shots and looking just like Mrs. Kanye West. Let’s have a look at the parade done by the Yeezy Army, shall we?


As you might have already guessed, the models seem to depict the flashing cameras and strutting their stuff. The pictures turned out to be pieces of art in my opinion, as celebrities always have paparazzi chasing them for that one perfect shot.


Well, the biggest plot twist would be getting Paris Hilton to do the YEEZY promotion because they do have a history together. The collection is on point in terms of the theme that is basic and street style fashion.

p.s. – If you LIKE it, then make sure you leave a comment on who your favorite model was. 😉 

Swatches and Review of those 6 shades of Matte Lipsticks (wink!)

Hie, you guessed it right fam! This is the part where I will be sharing my experience of those SIX lipsticks (You remember!). Below are some pictures for your reference of all the lipstick shades. I did swatch these on my palm of my hand rather than my wrist because my skin tone is quite fair. So, I wanted to try these shades on the closest match of my skin tone I hope you guys understand.



Let’s get this show started, shall we?

I ordered a total of 6 shades of the same lipstick as discussed in my previous blog also. Moving on to the reviewing part, these shades turned out to be better than my expectation. With that said, it’s time to go into the details – these shades do not have a particular name for them but a number ranging from 1 to 6. So, I will be starting from the very last number i.e. 6 and moves towards the smallest number. The picture order of the swatches is 6,5,4,3,2 and 1 (that’s clear, right?).


The moment my eyes fell on this bold color I KNEW it’s meant for me. Just so pure and tangy at the same time, isn’t it? To be honest among the all six others this orange shade is my SUPER favorite. This can be your perfect party color and for sure every girl needs one.


Shade #5

The next shade is more BOLDer and LOUDer, this color can only be worn by those who can lead and that means every single woman. I like that this color complements the skin tone so well and not just the fair ones. This is one of those traditional shades that Indian mom got to have so girls time to gift a present to your Mothers.


Shade #4

A pretty shade of red, this is perfect color when you are looking for something’s not medium you know. Neither too bold nor too dull…just in between that goes well with every single thing.


Shade #3

Attention folks we are now entering the zone of the nude shades. As you can see in the image these colors are so versatile yet they complement each other so well. This was the main reason I wanted all of these 6 shades and not just 1 or 2.


Shade #2

It may seem like the shade #3 and shade #2 are very similar but in reality, they are quite different when applied. The second shade kind of adapts your natural lip color but the third one makes it more loud and defined.


Shade #1

What! So quick we have reached to the last shade, I think I need more lip products. 😉 This shade may seem all innocent but this is THAT shade that is the STAR of the event. Recently, I have seen many models and actresses rock the very same shade to the famous BIG events. Folks, I totally recommend it.




How you like these beautiful colors and shades of Orange, Pink, Purple (kinda), Red and of course the nude shades??? If you LOVE these shades like I do then, I’m ready to introduce you all to more of these products. Most Important thing is these did not harm my lips, these lipsticks are matte but at the same time, their texture is smooth. They are easy to glide across the lips and the packaging quality is better than other drugstore brands.


These lipsticks do not leave statin but also they are not 24-hour stay lipsticks. My honest option for them is that they are value for money and I will buy them again for sure. And YES, I absolutely recommend these Matte Lipsticks. You can check out these makeup products here at – Rose’s Shop.

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!


Jewellery Haul in INSTA-way!

Hello there Fashionistas, today I have something fashion-related to show and review. As you would have already guessed by now, it’s a HAUL…a Jewellery haul (to be exact!). Let’s just get started and see what stuff did I got just so you know there are 4 different jewelry items. Also, if you like this kind of blog posts then StuffToTalk is the right place for you. 😉

Product #1

The first item that I have is a pair of earrings, these dangle earrings cost $3.25 a.k.a. INR 214. I chose them because of the fluff ball at the end, these were available in various colors. This is the pair that will go perfectly for evening functions and formal events.


Product #2

Pricing just $0.89 a.k.a. INR 60 (approx) this choker was one of the products that were on my wishlist. The colors look so good and complement each other just perfectly. What I like the most is the quality as it does not hurt the neck and is very comfortable to wear.


Product #3

This third product is a layered necklace or more like a chain. I selected it in the golden color as the accessories seemed to be more defined on it. This piece costs $1.26 a.k.a. INR 84 and that my friend is a steal deal as it goes with your everyday casual outfit.


Product #4

The last item is again a choker as I am obsessed with CHOKERS and this is priced at just $2.75 a.k.a. INR 181. The best part is the adjustment chain as it can convert it into a tight choker to a loose chain. As you can see in the image below the STARS are not thin sheets they are quite solid and thick. Needless to mention it’s a MUST have accessory for everyone especially those who FOLLOW trends.


These are the four products that I got and these are from an Aliexpress store ‘Jewdy Official Store’ here’s the LINK  (check it out!). They have more than 400 products to choose from including tons of accessories at affordable rates.

I can vouch for the quality of these products which is great and also the shipping is not that long I mean it’s more like 2 weeks. And that’s acceptable in my case and hopefully to many others too. With that said all I want to say is that this store is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because of the price and quality. I will surely be ordering more stuff from this store.

Thank You So Much For Reading!!!

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In my mail are 6 NEW Shades of Matte Lipsticks!

Hey Hey Hey! I know it’s been a while since I last posted about some lipsticks. And I have been getting so many requests from you guys for doing some Lip Products. So here I am doing the same also this is not it I have 4 more Lipsticks brands lined up for you beauties (Check Out CheekyDimplesBlog for more Skincare Stuff).


In today’s blog, I will be sharing some of my tips and tricks when it comes to buying makeup. One of the most important things to know about the product is that the reviews don’t lie so if you came across negative customer experiences. Do not go for that product I repeat ABORT THE MISSION!


This weekend I received some lipsticks well 6 actually that I ordered from Aliexpress. STOP I know what you thinking…it’s bad for skin…should not buy cheap makeup…blah blah blah. But a ton of other bloggers are doing the very same thing actually even worse and they go to Sarojini Nagar to buy FAKE makeup branded products.


What I ordered isn’t a dupe for a High-end brand but it is a genuine brand itself that sells affordable makeup items especially LIPSTICKS. That being the reason I ordered not 1 or 2 but SIX lipsticks because of the shipping duration. It took them around 2-3 weeks to reach India. This is the store LINK  and it goes by the name Rose’s Shop and trust me when I say this. They do have some AMAZING makeup products that I can’t wait to order.

Now, I want to do a fair review of all the 6 shades with the details and all so there will be a second blog post on this with all swatches and prices. Just be STAY TUNED cause good things take time. 😉

P.S. – Please excuse the pictures as I was in a hurry to share this news with you guys, I did not click photographs to my real potential. But it won’t happen again 🙂 

My Review of the Chocolate Box Lounge – Radisson Blu

Hello, my dear friends! Today’s blog post is all about CAKES, ya I know you like the sound of that 😉 and who would not. I will be sharing my experience with the Chocolate Box Lounge at the Radisson Blue. After hearing about this place for over 3 months I decided to take a bite of it and now let me tell you what is the review of the BITE.

If you are a regular reader of StuffToTalk or CheekyDimplesBlog you might be aware of some of my obsessions and behavior one of them being a SweetTooth. You guys might be thinking well everyone loves sweets, chocolate, and all that stuff. Well no, when I say I love sugar I am understating the facts i.e. I freaking live for it. I think we should get to the main point here and that is the review. 

Cakes and some ColorPop Pasteries


I KNEW IT! Your mouth just watered ’cause I can feel mine too. The above image features a Chocolate Truffle Cake and My God that was absolutely Divine! It tasted so damn good, you know the perfect sweetness level, it’s moist and melts in your mouth. This dark devil deserves an easy 4.5 out of 5 rating from me and now comes the rainbow pieces.


Me and my cousins selected these Fantastic Four from the pastry section and when we ate them let’s just say it was a strange experience. Now, let me explain first every single one you see in the picture above tasted exactly the same. Yes, the same and they were different fruit flavors with pieces inside them. But still they looked worlds apart but the taste well I was not impressed. It felt like everything was missing in the pastries, to me it’s a 2 out of 5 rating and that too just for the cute presentation.

P.s. – I’m not judging this place with just one visit but more like 4. 🙂 Also, I highly recommend to try out their loaves of bread as they have a lot of variety to choose from. But my favorite was the Garlic Bread, so yummy.